This is a portfolio of recent video projects. More coming very soon.

This is one of several videos from a series called Khayal (2021), produced for the Johns Hopkins University Program in Islamic Studies. The series profiles artists and musicians in our contemporary world who engage with Islamic theology and its aesthetic tradition in their craft. Khayal means “imagination” in Arabic, Persian and Urdu, and in India and Pakistan describes a style of classical music that allows more improvisation and ornamentation than other styles. It is characterized by generally short songs of two to eight lines that are often based on themes of romantic or divine love. Like the musical style, the video series is composed of short fragments that touch on the theme of the divine, and the love with which these artists and musicians approach the process of creation. This video features Juan Ibrahim Castrillón.

This is another video for the Khayal series featuring the Pakistani singer-songwriter Zeb Bangash (2021).

"Barrio Albarizuela" (2020) is a music video I made for a bulería by flamenco guitarist Jesus Agarrado "El Guardia." The music pays homeage to Barrio Albarizuela, a neighborhood in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, where Jesus lived for many years in his youth, and where the video was filmed.

"Bowie/Cali" (2020) is a song written, performed, and recorded by myself in Los Angeles in 2012. The music video was made in Madrid during the Covid-19 quarantine.